. complete AMIGO TROPICAL discography >HERE<

. new KALMÄUSER album »what remains, reigns« >HERE<


upcoming Berlin shows with AMIGO TROPICAL

. Oct 14th |  CNP III |  Marie Antoinette |  »MORE«

. Oct 21st |  West Germany |  w/ Electric Anthillman

. Nov 26th |  Schwanzwaldklinik

. Dez 4th |  Lichtenberger Noise Matinee

. Mar 24th |  w/ Japanische Kampfhörspiele |  Cassiopia



. AMIGO TROPICAL contributed a new song called »Droppings« for an
  upcoming tape sampler on TWAAGUE for Cassette Store Day 2016, Oct. 8th.

. still considering »Nothing But Heart« by LOW the best song ever written